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Champions Academy is a Christian-Based Private School that values in the learning and education of Children from Pre-K to 12th Grade. 

40 years of Excellence

We are a private school that cares about each individual student and parent that walks into our doors. We strive for excellence through our Christian curriculum that PACE offers. We love and support not only our current students, but also those who have graduated and went on to achieve bigger and greater things. We hope you take a look at what our school offers and how great of an experience our classrooms can be for your child.

Individualized Learning

Each student works at their own pace that makes them feel confident and comfortable. This allows no child to be left behind and feel like they are slower or struggling.

Small Classrooms

Each student has the chance to make special relationships between both the students and teachers. With special times dedicated to allow students to interact and grow together.


A.C.E. is the curriculum we use for our students. PACEs include Godly character-building lessons and self-instructional activities that develop critical thinking and learning skills.


Today they Learn,
    Tomorrow They Lead

Meet the principal and take a tour

What an exciting time to be a part of Christian Education. It is an honor and privilege to co-labor with the staff at Champions Academy to provide a biblical Education for today’s children. It is my prayer that we can help lead and instill in our children godly character traits that will stay with them a life time.

Yours in Christ,
Kimberly Helmandollar

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